Portrait of Idalmi

Idalmi St.Barth

In 2003 Idalmi was a model. She lived in Miami and visited her brother who lives in Saint-Barthélemy. She met the man who, three years later would become her husband and father of Romy their daughter who is now two and a half years old.

Eight years have gone by and many other events have marked the life of this person who has been making up our VIPs for several years now. A cosmetic expert, Ida has been using her talents since her arrival in Marco’s well known salon in St. Jean.

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©Jacques Zolty

Idalmi has also created her own line of cosmetics and nail polish. The American clientele is very enthusiastic about the size and the colors that are finely adapted to this climate. Many stars have tested the products and have become loyal clients.

Every year, new products widen the range whose formula is non greasy, rich in vitamins and both water and sun resistant. Eye liner, mascara, anti-wrinkle cream, foundations, powders and nail polish form the Idalmi St. Barth line which is more and more seeked after being so perfect for sun drenched skin.

After having opened Idalmi’s corner in St. Jean, this season Ida has chosen to transfer her boutique to Gustavia on the corner of Rue Oscar II and Rue Lafayette. Re-named “ I” by Idalmi St. Barth, this beauty stop with its original concept of make-up and nail bar, is where both men and women, men also take care of themselves, can enjoy being pampered : waxing, pedicure, manicure, polish, false nails and permanent polish.

The use of organic products, creams and exfoliants, natural accessories like bamboo fiber towels, brushes or the fact of creating your own perfume add to the pleasure of well being. A wedding or special event and “I” by Idalmi St. Barth transforms the group of guests into a make-up party or nails party. A good opportunity to chat together before the big event or even to harmonize the make-up theme.

“St. Barth is the place that motivated my creativity and enabled me to go from an idea to the reality which all seems easier and faster here. Contact is more direct and simple. I’m happy with the path I’ve taken, it resembles me.” And anyone who knows Idalmi will recognize her qualities ; willpower, tenacity, openness, optimism and generosity, all perfectly well distributed throughout the body and the soul of this woman who is comfortable in her time and in her life.

Source:  VIP Guide St Barth 2011-2012
Writer: Nadège Emmanuelian